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115 Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

115 of the best real estate marketing ideas for more leads

Check out these 115 best real estate marketing ideas to get you more leads.


Real estate can be challenging and your ideas may not always be flowing in the right direction, so here is a unique list of 115 best real estate marketing ideas to creatively supercharge your real estate marketing efforts.


The internet is the easiest way to market your brand on mass scale. However, on the internet there are a range of resources which you may not know how to fully use. The following are some options to help guide your online marketing:

  1. Create a Real Estate Website for your brand – Most clients will perform intensive research online before working with someone, a well-made website will allow prospective clients to discover convincing information on your business beforehand. Some sites that you can use to create your own website are: WordPress (Highly recommended for its versatility and customizability), Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.
  2. Website Backlinks – Having high domain rating backlinks leading to your website allows your website to potentially appear above your competition in search engine rankings.
  3. Custom Images – Use your own photos to build authenticity. Beautiful and eye-catching images make your website stand out from other competitors
  4. Website Keywords – When people search online, they unintentionally seek out websites that use wording that matches with their original search intent. Be sure to include a non-spammy ratio of keywords on your website and online directory listings in order for it to pop up more frequently in people’s searches.
  5. Start up a YouTube channel, Twitter page, Instagram page, Facebook page, and any other social media outlet – Social media outlets allow for you to promote your business while posting relevant content conveys personality and knowledge.
  6. Blogging – Blogging is a great way to inform the audience and attract more inbound clients. Unlike social media, blog posts can be re-discovered way beyond its original post date as well as updated later on for a boost in discovery. Websites like WordPress and Medium are easy ways to start blogging.
  7. Multiple Websites – You shouldn’t just limit yourself to one website. Create multiple websites and landing pages for specific home niches and areas that you service to create more specific relatability to your potential client’s needs. 
  8. Email Information – Be sure to include your email address wherever possible in order for existing clients and potential clients to contact you.
  9. Email Newsletter – Having an email newsletter subscription lets you update clients and re-market to prospective clients while getting your information out there much faster.


When clients post reviews about your business, it creates more attraction for people searching on mobile devices or online. Have you noticed that when you run a Google search, localized listing websites such as Yelp or Zillow always appear near the top! Take advantage of this opportunity to be found on those high ranking websites. The following sites allow people to review your business online and can likely get you more new discovery and leads for your realty business.

  1. Yelp.com
  2. AngiesList.com
  3. Zillow.com
  4. YellowPages.com
  5. Local.com
  6. Redfin.com
  7. Meetup.com
  8. Trulia.com
  9. Bing Local
  10. Manta.com
  11. Merchant Circle
  12. Yahoo Directories
  13. Realtor.com
  14. Upnest.com
  15. Opendoor.com

Like Google, these local listing websites are all built by tech companies that use algorithms to help recommend profiles and accounts to anyone using their website. With this in mind, it’s crucial to use best practices and strategies to optimize your profile on each of these websites so that you can appear higher in organic search results. Did you also know that using appropriate keywords for the name of images you upload online can even have an effect on how you appear in search results?


  1. Gifts – Simply gifting someone something such as a gift card or an arrangement of candies with your contact information on it can help create good will, build new relationships and even develop partnerships in the future.
  2. Merchandise – Creating branded merchandise such as a lanyard or even a keychain is a creative way to advertise your business. This strategy helps ensure your brand is constantly visible while in their possession and can easily be passed out at events or around the neighborhood.
  3. Interacting with Clients – There are different ways to interact and follow up with clients, but the most simple way is to thank them with considerate gifts. The gift doesn’t have to be spontaneous; a simple gift card on a holiday or their birthday will do the trick. This strategy allows for you to stand out from the crowd of other real estate businesses while giving your prospective client an opportunity to reciprocate in other ways.
  4. Attend Seminars – Real estate seminars are a great way to connect with other business owners while giving you more insight on what real estate is all about. Not only is it a great way to connect with other resources, it also gives you a chance to tell more people about your own real estate business.
  5. Volunteering – Expanding from your usual networks and resources by volunteering which allows you to engage with new people. A conversation starter can be talking about what you do while utilizing the resources around you. To accommodate with this strategy, volunteering should be done regularly to build more outreach to local people. You also get to feel great about helping a good cause in the process.
  6. Contests – Create a contest that will help drive interested parties towards your business. This is a fun way to interact with potential clients and build attraction to your business as well. Add a viral factor such as “share with a friend to enter” to expand your contest’s reach.
  7. Social Media Platforms – Everyone nowadays are on social media, therefore, having an engaging Facebook page (or any other social media page) can help people to contact you, see what your business offers for their needs, and provide social proof. 
  8. Hosting Your Own Seminar – Contact local people in your area to attend your seminar. These people will be able to hear about your business and information that helps build your own credibility and value.


  1. High School Outreach – Reaching out to high schools to give speeches and sponsorships about real estate can inspire high school students and build more exposure within the local community.
  2. Offering Giveaways – Request people’s contact information so they can be entered in a lottery and pick a winner to be gifted with whatever you chose as the prize. This isn’t only fun for everyone involved but you get new leads and contacts.
  3. Teaching – Provide classes for people locally. This builds more connections, audience, and outreach to your real estate brand.
  4. College Programs – Most colleges have career days that they offer and collaborating with them gives you the chance to let college students know about your brand while giving potential future home buyers information about real estate. Who knows, you might even find yourself a seasonal intern after.
  5. Podcasts – Different podcast streamers need content on a variety of topics; real estate can be one of them. Appear on a podcast for more exposure to inform and entertain a new audience that would have never heard of your real estate business.


In order to have a successful real estate business, outreach communication and advertisement play a major role. Make sure to be consistent when contacting and advertising to your target consumer. Use the marketing skills that have been a proven success for your business in conjunction with the ideas recommended here:

  1. Start up a referral program – 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.
  2. Create an eye-catching business card – Assuming you made a good first impression, your business card is the key item that they’ll remember you by.
  3. Reach out daily to your contacts and potential clients locally – Consistent actions create consistent results. Make sure to always offer value with each contact or you’ll risk becoming annoying.
  4. Exchange numbers with clients – Constantly build up your rolodex and getting yourself out there, it’ll come in handy down the line. Bonus: add a personal note about something specific mentioned during your meeting so you can remember to follow-up about it next time you speak.
  5. Have open houses – A great way to attract people on the market to buy or sell as well as intrigue passer-byers. Strong signage from open houses can also grow your brand awareness to the local community.
  6. Work with commission only sales people – Performance based sales is a great way to get leads passively, just make sure to vet your salespeople to ensure they properly represent your business.
  7. Wrap your car with your business information – That hour you spend sitting in traffic could turn into an hour long advertisement that gains you new business.
  8. Postcards – Introduce or remind people about your business using beautiful imagery on a postcard they’d want to save and display.
  9. Door Flyers – This can help guarantee your business flyer gets seen.
  10. Informational flyers/pamphlets – Providing persuasive and value-creating pamphlets can help improve your sales.
  11. Make phone calls – Getting someone on the line is a great way to make a deeper connection and share exactly what you do.
  12. Give referrals to clients – The reciprocity principle says that people like to payback what they receive from others. Give referrals to get referrals.
  13. Ask for referrals from clients – Providing incentives is a great way to increase referral rates.
  14. Have lunch with a client – Everyone needs to eat, so why not keep building and strengthening those relationships while you do it.
  15. Follow up with clients and potential clients – Creating non-intrusive ways to follow-up can help keep you and your business on clients’ minds for future business.
  16. After a sale, follow up with your client – Just because you’ve made a sale, doesn’t mean you should stop trying to delight your client.
  17. Keeping in contact with clients that move away to build more outreach in different areas.
  18. Help organize a party for a client – This is a great show of goodwill and helps expand your network through your client’s friend network.
  19. Create a bus bench poster for advertisement – Wow, we know you’ve never seen this one done before! Thinking out of the box and being memorable with your creative will yield a stronger ROI.
  20. Going door to door locally – This can be tedious but can be very fruitful, many people still love trustworthy face to face interactions.
  21. Flyers in shopping malls – Target your marketing towards high traffic areas.
  22. TV advertisement – Capture new audiences via TV spots
  23. Radio advertisement – Capture new audiences via radio promotion
  24. Newspaper advertisement – Advertise in your local paper to appeal to different audiences.
  25. Mailing direct postcards – Direct mailers require consistency and a bit of good timing but can provide great results as well as branding.
  26. Work with social media influencers – Influencers is the new way to subtly advertise to consumers of all ages, get involved while the return on investment is still high.
  27. Facebook Ads – Facebook has a ton of data on consumers, take advantage of this and market to your ideal demographic.
  28. Purchase Ad slots on local websites – Local websites can be lower cost while still appealing to your ideal audience.
  29. Partner with different companies – Developing multiple upstream or downstream mutual referral partnerships can help get you more clients consistently (i.e. property developers, home remodelers, property insurance companies, etc.)
  30. Yahoo and Google Ads – There’s over 1.2 trillion searches a year worldwide.


Building up a network for your brand through various resources is an essential ingredient for your real estate marketing plan. Be sure to create a unique follow-up strategy after you’ve met.

  1. Focus groups
  2. Meeting with Industry associations
  3. Meeting with Arts associations
  4. Meeting with Nonprofit groups
  5. Meeting with Alumni associations
  6. Working with charities
Working on online real estate marketing ideas to drive more leads

The following are some more tips to market your real estate business:

  1. Facebook – With 2.41M monthly active users, it’s time to leverage this large community for your business.
  2. Twitter – Tap into a wide audience while being able to have two way communication with a large scale of potential customers.
  3. Instagram – A visually focused platform that allows you to showcase amazing properties and information about your own business.
  4. Pinterest – Dream-home boards and unique niches are the perfect way to promote and garner new ideas.
  5. LinkedIn – Professionals from various backgrounds could lead to a new client.
  6. Hubpages – A great place to provide your own content for discovery.
  7. Stumbleupon.com – Allow your website to be potentially showcased to new users.
  8. Flickr.com – Using image based sources to highlight your business is a unique way to market to new audiences.
  9. Digg.com – Expand your reach by creating content for outlets such as digg.com
  10. Craigslist.com – You’d be surprised by how many people rely on Craigslist to buy, sell, and find what they’re looking for.
  11. Vimeo.com – Similar to YouTube, adding ultra high-quality video content on Vimeo that represents your brand is an excellent bonus source of traffic and potential leads.
  12. Link Swap with your local businesses – Collaborating and sharing audiences is an easy no-cost way to market your real estate company while potentially improving your SEO ranking.
  13. Email List Building – Email lists allow constant re-marketability to your lists and is an easy way to find leads to perform outreach on.
  14. Creating step-by-step guidesCurrently, content is king when it comes to sales and marketing. Offer up-front value to your potential clients with in-depth step by step guides related to your industry while solidifying you expertise on the subject.
  15. Publish your own articles – Gain inbound leads by publishing articles that showcase your knowledge and introduce your business.
  16. Comment on existing articles – Creating healthy discussion and insight help develop your network as well as expand your reach to other website’s audiences.
  17. Creating infographics – Images are less competitive for SEO and are more likely to be shared or used which will help further your potential reach.
  18. Add floor plans online – Find unique ways to have your real estate business discovered by the right prospects.
  19. Post your own photos and videos of houses that are on the market – Provide home seekers a unique perspective of a home on the market to stand out.
  20. Write real estate blog posts – Not only can you build an audience, but you can drive further traffic by boosting your website’s SEO. Most blogs are always seeking content in the form of guest blog posts by industry professionals, submit your real estate blog post to gain more traffic and leads.
  21. Create slideshares – You can upload information, pitches and presentations on slideshare websites such as Prezi.com.
  22. Monitor your online reviews – 97% of people read reviews of local businesses.
  23. Make a FAQ page to answer for clients – Not only is this helpful but you can appear at the top of the search results by being a featured answer to a popular question about real estate.
  24. Use hashtags and keywords in the content that you post – This helps expand your discoverability within specific categories on various platforms.
  25. Provide a complimentary moving truck for clients after a sale – Unique add-on services that help add further value to your client and differentiate you from your competitors is key to converting new clients.
  26. Professional photography on your house listings – Homes with high quality photography sell 32% faster. Start using drone photography to stay competitive.
  27. Unique decor in the house listings to stand out – Prospects can look at dozens of homes before they make their choice. Having a creative eye for effective and unique decor could help you stand out as the better choice.
  28. Connect with your neighborhood – You guessed it, Network!
  29. Market to specific areas – When you market to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.
  30. Create your own blog – Take full control of your blog writing with your own blog dedicated to your business or niche.
  31. Start up direct campaigning
  32. Target clients who are serious about buying.
  33. Host a virtual open house through video chat. This can also allow scalability if you do a virtual open house for numerous potential buyers, record the session and post it on YouTube and social media for added exposure.
  34. Cross-pollinate with your clients.
  35. Build connections with local businesses and online businesses.
  36. Work with social media influencers – Source and vet social media influencers that have relevant followers to your business. If you’re not positive on the best way to find influencers for your brand, follow this 6-step guide on How to Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Brand.
  37. Start with a small client list then build up more clientele.
  38. Cold calling.
  39. Host local tours for the neighborhood – Activities that attract locals are a great way to build your rolodex and build leads.
  40. Utilize your social media platforms – We cannot stress this enough, build up your community. We don’t mean just posting a piece of content a day, constantly engage with the community by commenting and stimulating conversations.
  41. Be the face of your business – People are naturally more trusting towards a brand that has a relatable human running it, be that human.
  42. Create personalized messages for your buyers – Make your buyers feel special through thoughtful personalization.
  43. Leverage tentpole events – Bandwagon off of the hype and buzz of an upcoming event or trend to expand your reach and potentially go viral.


Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of our expansive list of the best real estate marketing ideas for agents, brokers, agencies, home owners, or anyone in between. These ideas have been proven to be highly effective if implemented in a strategic and consistent way. With all things, it takes time, consistency, and practice to get results.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!

Let us know if we forgot to mention any other good ideas or if you want to hear more details about any of the ideas in particular.

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